In atau During?

Dua prespositions ini kadang kala mengelirukan kita. In dan During, kedua-duanya boleh digunakan untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang berlaku dalam tempoh masa tertentu. Contohnya;

I was on holiday during May. (Saya bercuti pada bulan Mei)


I was on holiday in May. (Saya bercuti pada bulan Mei)

In boleh menunjukkan kedudukan. Namun, tidak bagi During.


I saw him in his office. (Saya nampak dia di pejabatnya.) (BUKAN – I saw him during his office.)

During pula lebih sesuai digunakan ketika kita menyatakan sesuatu tempoh secara keseluruhannya.


He was in the hospital during the whole of August. (BUKAN – He was in the hospital in the whole of August.)


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23 Responses to In atau During?

  1. SHASHA says: was very useful…betul tak ayat ni?

  2. syah says:

    thanks,good is meaning,show me more..betul tak ayat sy ni?

  3. hafizlidin says:

    to syah: apa yang syah cuba sampaikan?

  4. hafizlidin says:

    SHASHA: correct

  5. SITIHAMIZAH says:


  6. zaleha abu bakar says:

    oh..its vwry useful to me.i will try it later

  7. syahanira says:

    thanks for your information and I hope u can share with me more than this……

  8. hafizudin says:

    thanks so much my english improved

  9. hafizudin says:

    i spent vacation in langkawi during school holiday

  10. hafizudin says:

    i receive a lot of invitation wedding during school holiday

  11. hafizudin says:

    i am glad to inform that email address npsbas@ streamyx was change to new address
    your attention is highly appreaciated

  12. norafizah says:

    thanks.. your info..good for me to learn english

  13. hafizlidin says:


  14. Anthony says:

    Banyak membantu….ty.

  15. hafizudin says:

    school holiday ended ready.happy new year good luck everything you do, Allah bless you and family…INSYAALLAH

  16. ila says:

    salam tq with ur information.

  17. susy says:

    I want finish my all homework during school holiday.
    Snow season coming in December.

    Please correct me if i wrong. Thanks.

  18. sarah says:

    “I will learn english during this year”. Is it correct sir? thank you so much.

  19. Naza says:

    Thank you… Highly appreciate.

  20. Nurul Fahana says:

    thank for your information.

  21. w@na says:

    I’m glad to received all the email and I want to learn so much from you.
    << betul ke ayat ni?

  22. ila says:

    salam n tq for ur information.Iam very glad during i always follow ur english blog.It’is true Sir…

  23. fieda says:

    TQ…share with me more

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