Hari ini mari kita bincang maksud perkataan edible. Pernahkah anda jumpa perkataan ini? Ia bermaksud sesuatu yang boleh dimakan. Sinonim bagi perkataan ini ialah comestible dan eatable. Jika anda perasan, bunga-bunga hiasan pada kek-kek hari jadi biasanya diperbuat daripada bahan-bahan yang boleh dimakan.

Contoh ayat:

edible roots (akar yang boleh dimakan)

an edible mushroom (cendawan yang boleh dimakan)

edible flowers (bunga yang boleh dimakan)

Jika anda mahu cuba membina ayat menggunakan perkataan ini, sila lakukannya di bawah.


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41 Responses to edible

  1. bai says:

    Betul ke ayat ni? >As for your infomation, we have some an edible mushroom.

  2. dean says:

    are u belive some of caterpiller its edible?

  3. nix says:

    i found a plant with edible leaves

  4. sukma says:

    My moms buy an edible mushroom at the shop.

  5. Tun Linda says:

    The restaurant have an edible mushroom and very delicious.

  6. Atyna says:

    My mother has decorated a wedding cake with an edible flowers.

  7. ana says:

    usually, image printed that we put on the cake are edible.

  8. zaza says:

    flowers on the cake are edible!

  9. nurlina says:

    the elephant sculpture on the cake is edible.

  10. azie says:

    some of the edible fruits are poisonous..

  11. Rossy says:

    My son likes to eat an edible flower.

  12. Zaharah says:

    Could you please buy me a bottle of edible oil.

  13. mama says:

    Unlike the flowers on a birthday cake, the flowers on your yard are not edible

  14. haniem says:

    now i know that horse meat are edible.

  15. errysyazliana says:

    edible hearts

  16. AG says:

    you must be careful with some edible chewing gums. It might not be halal.

  17. tina says:

    The restaurant will serve you an edible fruits and flower.

  18. peyja says:

    a cute cup cake with an edible flower.

  19. fida says:

    i want to add an edible flowers on my cup cakes.<–pls correct me if the grammar is wrong.

  20. fariza says:

    from the outside, this fruit looks yummy, but please be careful because it is poisonous and not edible

  21. jauhari says:

    edible animals?

  22. mizMala says:

    Today my mom cooked an edible mushroom.(betul ker)

  23. deen says:

    Not all mushroom is edible.

  24. Julian says:

    They are selling edible fruits which they plucked from the jungle.

  25. Miza says:

    Surprising this cake decorations are edible

  26. nurliana says:

    I like to eat a birthday cake which has edible flowers on it.

  27. Amiena says:

    For increased our health, fruit also is edible.

  28. zuha says:

    i use an edible flower as the colour for nasi kerabu

  29. Syu says:

    Not all of fruits in the jungle are edible because sometimes there are poisoned.

  30. martina says:

    where i can get edible flower?

  31. siti says:

    flower at this cake is edible?

  32. Hassan B says:

    the flowers on top of the cake are vibrant and it’s edible too.

  33. Nash says:

    My mother bought some edible flowers yesterday.
    She wants to design my birthday cake today using the edible flowers that she bought.

  34. Aya says:

    U know that belangkas edible to all the Muslim?

  35. Joanne says:

    “the food fomous in sabahan cuture is tuhau”

  36. safuan says:

    pencil on top of that cake is edible??

  37. I used to be recommended this blog via my cousin. I’m no longer certain whether or not this put up is written by way of him as no one else recognize such particular about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks!

  38. Tas says:

    izin tuk forward. tq

  39. hafizlidin says:

    silakan. gunakan butang ‘share’ di atas.

  40. steven yap says:

    Dry ice is not edible ice.( dry ice is made from CO2)
    Cooking oil is edible oil.
    Engine oil is inedible oil.

  41. azly says:

    how to know that food are edible?(betul ke grammer ni)

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